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Campsite Rules


Before entering in the campsite all guests and visitors, adults or children, have to leave the identity card or passportof all members of the family or group (we recommend you to check all papers and assure they are not expired, otherwise you will not be admitted in the campsite ); if someone does not have his/her identity cards, he/she will not be admitted in the campsite. Minors are admitted, prior written consent from their parents.

Guests have to declare the period of their stay.


Minors are not accepted, if they are not accompanied by at least one adult.


The reservation is personal, not-transferable and it constitutes a free contract between the parties. Each communication about the reservation has to be written ( by e-mail or fax).The reservation becomes effective when the Management receives the data concerning the payment by bank transfer or postal order, which will be equal to 50% of the amount of the total stay. The data of the deposit will have to arrive within 24 hours (on working days) , within 48 hours (on public holidays), or else the Guests shall lose the right of their reservation. If the data do not arrive within those terms, the Guest will lose the right of his/her reservation and he/she will never be refunded. We heartily recommend you, after receiving the confirmation of your reservation, to check carefully the date of arrival and departure, the personal data and all other details. In case of cancellation of reservation the Guest will not receive his/her deposit.

If theguests are fewer than the ones indicated in the reservation, we will ask to pay as indicated in the reservation.


Check- in is permitted exclusively from 8:00 am to 9:00 pm for the pitches (except different previous arrangement between the Guest and the Management); bungalows guests can check-in from 4:00 pm to 9:00 pm .

Check out is between 8:00 am and 10:00 am on the departure day ( mandatory or prior arrangements between the guest and the Reception) for the pitches and the bungalows.

If the Guest stays longer he/she will be charged the entire day, or in case of any further reservation, he /she will have to pay the total amount of the failure to stay, including economic and moral damages caused to the Guest who could not have stayed in the campsite, as previously arranged.

The bungalow/mobile home or the pitch already booked are available to the guest until 00:00 am on arrival, except Written Message about the postponement of the time arranged. Expired that term, the contract is rescinded by rights, so the Management will be free from any obligation taken and the Management will be able to have at his own disposal and at his discretion the bungalow/mobile home or the pitch.


When the Guest arrives at the campsite he/she has to pay a deposit of 200,00 €for the bungalow/mobile home he/she has booked. If the Guest has a domestic animal, the Management asks an additional deposit (300,00 €),at the guest's arrival.


Little and medium dogs are accepted with fee in the campers, in the caravans, in the tents during every season. It is obligatory to show the vaccination book; passport with antirabic vaccination is obligatory for foreigners. Dog owners must keep their animals on a leash, with muzzle, and they have to stroll their dog out of the campsite for cleaning reasons and they have to own a pooper-scooper and a bag to pick up the dog's fecal matter. The Guest who will not take care of his/her animal will be fined ( 50,00 €) and he/she shall be obliged to leave the camping place. Acceptance of the dogs is at the discretion of the Management, on the basis of the number of dogs already hosted by the campsite.

In addition we inform you that the Council Regulation forbids to take dogs to the beach in the summertime.


On arrival the guest has to pay the 50% of the total amount of the tents, roulettes and campers bill;the balance must be paid on the day before the check-out. If the Guest stays in a bungalow or mobile home, he/she has to pay the total amount on arrival. If the Guest does not pay in advance, the Management can refuse to host the guest. If the Guest arrives late or he/she decides to leave earlier, he/she will not be refunded.Extra and tourist tax are not included.


Each housing unit or pitch must be delivered clean and tidy, on the contrary, during the control, € 50,00 will be deducted from the deposit of the bungalow.
Regarding the pitch € 20,00 will be added to the total price.


The break time is in force from 00:00 to 08:00 am and from 02:00 pm to 04:00 pm, so during these times the Guests cannot going in, going out or move round the campsite on motor vehicles and it is forbidden to make every kind of noise which can cause nuisance.


It is always strictly forbidden to disturb the peace and make some noise; televisions and radios can be used at low volume.

Outside the silence time,drivers must crawling inside the campsite.

It is strictly forbidden to play football or to go by bike inside the campsite for the sake of recreating; all children must be accompanied by adults to the different camping facilities and to the toilettes. Children's parents are directly responsible for their children's behavior.

The Management disclaims all responsibility in case of accident.

It is forbidden to throw papers, garbage, cigarette butts on the ground.

It is forbidden to do the washing up and the washing outside the appropriate places and opportunely showed.

It is forbidden the car wash.


Toilets are gathered in proper centralized groups: the correct use of them only requires the respect of the most elementary hygienic rules.

It is not permitted to empty chemical toilets in the campsite toilets, but they must be empty in the chemical toilet area.

Transgressors can be fined (amount of the fine is from € 100,00 to a sum defined according to the damage caused) and they can be expelled from the campsite, at the discretion of the Management.


In order to preserve the environment, the Management asks their guests to respect the following rules.

Preservation of the ground:

it is forbidden to dig any kind of pit or hole in the ground;

it is forbidden to do servicing (for example to change oil or oil filter, etc.) on guests' cars inside the campsite;

it is forbidden to use drinking water to wash motor vehicles and verandas;

it is forbidden to bring chemicals or harmful products to people or environment inside the campsite.

Respect of nature :

it is forbidden to hang groundsheet from one tree to another;

it is forbidden to remove plants, to cut barks, branches, to damn flowers and plants that grow in the campsite;

it is forbidden to drop hot water or detergents on the ground next to the plants;

it is forbidden to change soil conditions;

it is forbidden to light a fire directly on the ground;

Rubbish/urban waste:

it is forbidden to leave garbage or cigarette butts on the ground.

Rubbish must be trashed in the rubbish bins, taking care of separating urban waste from the recyclable one (paper, paperboard, glass, cans).

Transgressors will be asked to refund the damn and they will be expelled from the campsite.


Any kind of complain will have to be lodged to the staff of the Management, who will do his best to remedy to the inconveniences occurred.


Every Guest is responsible for his/her own things. The Management declines the responsibility for any loss, theft or damage of objects inside the campsite or damage of the cars parked in the campsite.


The Management has the right to rescind the contract if the Guest disturbs the peace of the campsite or in case of serious misdeed from the Guest towards the Management or other Campsite Guests. In case of rescinding the contract the Guest will lose the entire amount paid, which will not be refunded. The Management reserves the right to expel anyone who is responsible of nuisance or vandalism.


At any time the Management, according to his supplementary judgment, reserves the right to issue regulations, rules, timetables, or everything is necessary.


Any information regarding the Guest will be used exclusively by Camping Dal Pino staff in order to keep in touch with the Guest. It is forbidden the publication of Guest's personal data to every person who is not an employee of Camping Dal Pino. The staff has to attain to articles of Law Decree n 196/2003.

Every person who enters or makes a reservation accepts this regulation.